Web Design and Entrepreneurship

I help startups and athletic brands struggling with their online exposure build a powerful responsive site that helps engage their audience. I help them grow their audience and community with branded online experiences. There are three ways we can work together.


I design with a hyper focus on conversion. There are awesome tools that are fancy and shiny but my focus is to convert views into sales. Work with me to design your next user experience or interface.


I'm passionate about Front End Development and delivering sites that are beautiful and fast. Check out my process for building websites.


Experimenting, learning and building is the most fun thing anyone can do with their career. My blog has a variety of articles about my experience as an entrepreneur.

Praise and Appearance

Andy Keil

Founder FU Wekend

Matt Jared is super fun and he knows his shit! Having him FINISH UP was a blast and he was a pleasure to host.

Tony Burkhart

CareStar Online Communication Manager

I've had the pleasure of working with Matt for over a year. He puts 100% of his passion and dedication into every project, and is full of creative ideas which will often impress (and occasionally scare) you. His huge personality energizes any situation and keeps clients focused and motivated towards their goals.

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