Web Design and Entrepreneurship

I help startups and athletic brands struggling with their online exposure build a powerful responsive site that helps engage their audience. I help them grow their audience and community with branded online experiences. There are three ways we can work together.


I design with a hyper focus on conversion. There are awesome tools that are fancy and shiny but my focus is to convert views into sales. Work with me to design your next user experience or interface.


I'm passionate about Front End Development and delivering sites that are beautiful and fast. Check out my process for building websites.


Experimenting, learning and building is the most fun thing anyone can do with their career. My blog has a variety of articles about my experience as an entrepreneur.

Praise and Appearance

Morgan Linton

COO of Fashion Metric

We had a great experience working with Matt. Our previous site looked great on a laptop or tablet but was cluttered and difficult to navigate on a smartphone. Matt built the new pages from scratch and went above-and-beyond to get the new site pixel perfect. Matt is an absolute CSS-wizard and a perfectionist, two things that happen to go very well together.

Andy Keil

Founder of FU Weekend

Matt Jared is super fun and he knows his shit! Having him FINISH UP was a blast and he was a pleasure to host.

Tony Burkhart

Online Communication Manager of CareStar Inc.

I've had the pleasure of working with Matt for over a year. He puts 100% of his passion and dedication into every project, and is full of creative ideas which will often impress (and occasionally scare) you. His huge personality energizes any situation and keeps clients focused and motivated towards their goals.

Claire Vo

CEO of Experiment Engine

Matt helped us grow our business early on by providing high quality, quick turnaround design work for our customers. In addition, he went above and beyond for one of our customers (Massage.com) by turning around page variation designs quickly during a busy time of the program. He’s a very talented designer/developer, with an intense desire to learn and the best attitude of anyone I’ve worked with…ever. Work with Matt if you get the chance, he’s rad!

Charles Logston

CTO of Common Form

Matt was a pleasure to work with. He gave us some really great suggestions on how to deal with tricky user interactions that we needed to solve. Matt was enthusiastic to understand our problem, and offered really great insights.

Aseem Ali

CEO of Burpy

It has been a pleasure to work with Matt during Techstars. Beyond his amazing design and front end development skills Matt is a good hearted person. He’s always picking you up when you are in the trenches and helping you reflect on what’s most important. Anyone who passes on Matt will surely be missing out.

Ryan Farley

COO of Lawnstarter

Matt was incredibly helpful to us during the Techstars program. He designed several physical advertisements and web banners for us which directly drove customer growth. I knew better than to try and guide him since everything he produced was professional and better than we could have done on our own. Matt is definitely an A player.

Vic van Gool

CTO of Cloud66

Matt was a fantastic guy to work with. He is incredibly talented and hard-working and managed to turn around a big development project very quickly while still maintaining very high standards!

Ian Fosbery


Matt Jared is hands down one of the best people I’ve worked with. He has a natural eye for design and a natural understanding of web. He’s hungry to learn - and he learns fast. He’s everything you’d want in a web designer and developer.

Evan Hammer

CEO of Smart Host

Matt was helpful in all possible ways — from having a great design eye to reviewing our software architecture to intuitively understanding how to improve our business. And he’s enthusiastic as all hell, making working with him awesome.

Khash Sajadi

CEO of Cloud66

I found Matt to be extremely hard working with great integrity and excellent work ethics. He was always open to new work, ideas and welcoming to feedback which makes him someone who is a pleasure to work with.

Julia Jacobson


Matt is great to work with. He takes the time to understand your brand and needs and then brings his own creativity to the project. We were so pleased with his redesign of our homepage and deck.

Brandon Marker

Analyst at Techstars

Matt is a sharp guy with a serious thirst for learning. Throughout the chaos of a 13 week Techstars program with 11 teams he helped us run the logistics of the program, advised companies on their front-end and design work, and actually designed sites and built investor/demo day decks for several teams. He’s an all-around badass.

Jonas Weigert

CTO at Lawnstarter

Matt is a driven individual, willing to take on any challenge, and is able to turn his ideas into finished products. His execution speed allows for an incredible collaboration experience.

Matt Riopelle

Independent Client Engagement Design

If you need a front-end, marketing, and design-in-the-browser guy of excellent stock and moral fiber, Matt Jared is your man.

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